Apparently this was the carat fan message that was played at carat land day 3

Because I am together with Seventeen during their most shining time, I am very happy
If I didn’t like Seventeen, I don’t think there would be much to laugh and smile at, I’m always laughing and smiling looking at Seventeen
Like how you want to be singers that make us proud, I also want to be a fan you can be proud of
Thank you for making me feel like I am receiving love from someone 
As a fan that’s liked you from before debut, seeing you grow more and more is so dependable and beautiful
Let’s trust in each other and grow and become cool singers and fans
With frequent comebacks, thank you so much for always coming out with high quality and great music
These days, they say Seventeen are singers you can trust to listen to 
I think Seventeen’s music is really something I can trust to listen to be good
When it’s really hard and I want to run away, I gained a lot of strength from Seventeen’s music 
Thank you
Every time I see your energy filled performances, I am happy and gain a lot of strength
You look the happiest when you are on stage, and I feel the same happiness
Even though your debut kept getting pushed back, thank you so much for not giving up on your dreams and kept running to get here
Thanks to Seventeen, I laughed and smiled a lot 
I hope there will be only be times that Seventeen can laugh and smile a lot together with Carats
Carats will cheer you on so that 2017 will be Seventeen’s year
l love you
Just from looking, a shining existence, that is you, my singer Seventeen
Let’s lean on each other and endure 

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